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Unpopular Opinions

...the fic and the rants of Zircon

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Zircon reads, Zircon watches, Zircon thinks too much. Zircon writes.

(Zircon is also one of those irritating people who refer to themselves in the third person.)


No man is an island. That said, there are things you can do in isolation. Some things you can probably do better in isolation than in company. Like, I don't know (tries to think of something not smutty)...meditation! Yes, that. But we're not talking about meditation here, we're talking about writing fiction, and isolation doesn't cut it.

I've had help from numerous individuals over the last twelve years or so. I'd like to pay tribute to them here.

It's unlikely you'd have seen any work of mine at all, were it not for a guy called Rich. He encouraged me the very first time I shared fanfic with anyone. He used to run the Anorak Zone, a cult TV site that now seems to be defunct, alas. We met through the 'Sapphire and Steel' fandom, and even though the stories I sent Rich way back then were verging on the unreadable, he was enthusiastic and thus helped me across a milestone.

I've worked with a few betas over the years, some more extensively than others. I'm going to list the ones who made the biggest difference to the quality of my work, and the fandoms they helped me with.

Doctor Who: nemo_everbeing, phlegethon_vii, trinalin, Rich, Kev
Sapphire & Steel: viala_qilarre, Rich, Kev, Eddie
The New Avengers: rabidsamfan, Eddie
Hannibal Lecter: Hannah, CleverGirl
The Remains of the Day: javrsc, CleverGirl
The Tenth Man: CleverGirl
Frasier: xbreatheagainx, Dorcie
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: nemo_everbeing
Dead Like Me: thomaspower, phlegethon_vii
Ashes to Ashes: crazymaryt, alicia_mb, Mrs Fruitcake

A big thank-you to all the above.

Having gone through my tags, it seems plain that there are far too many fandoms I have, in fact, been writing in isolation. This is largely my own fault as I tend to the obscure. That said, should there be any writers out there who have enjoyed my work in one of my unbeta-ed fandoms and want to get in touch, I'd be delighted to hear from you. New sets of eyes always make things better.

Here endeth the acknowledgements.